Comparing Modern Hair Removal Options

Shaving away unwanted hair is the old-fashioned way of getting the task done. This is time-consuming and must be done every day to maintain desired results. Shaving cream, razors, and small bandages for cuts cost a fortune over the years. Luckily, there are more modern ways to remove hair for longer periods of time and no bandages needed


This method is inexpensive, fast, effective and only slightly barbaric. Hot wax is placed on areas with unwanted hair. A small strip of special paper is placed over the wax. The technician applies pressure to that paper and then rips it off quickly.

The strip, wax, and hair are ripped out of the skin all at once. Depending on the area waxed, this can range from slightly uncomfortable to painful (remember that first bikini wax?). The pain is short-lived, any redness or irritation goes away in a few hours, and the results can last from three to six-weeks.

Laser Hair Removal

This process will cost more money but will also last for eight to ten-weeks between treatments. A facility for austin laser hair removal uses the latest equipment for minimal discomfort and maximum safety. The laser utilizes focused light energy to remove hair from the follicle. After each treatment hair will grow back lighter in color and thinner until eventually, in hardly grows back at all. Pricing lists, contact information, and a form to schedule a free consultation can be found online at

It is wise to learn about alite laser because there are things every client needs to know. Laser treatments are fast, affordable, and effective but do not work well for those with blond or gray hair. It does work well on both light and dark skin tones. There may be some irritation which will be gone within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Stay away from salt water or chlorine for that time. It will be critical to use sunscreen while having treatments.


This method is priced in an initial fifteen-minute increment and a per-minute charge is applicable after that. Depending on the rea treated, it can get expensive. It is successful on blond and gray hair and is preferred by technicians for thin facial hair. Services for the three modern options for hair removal are available for men and women. Go to to download client forms and discover specials that include fifty percent off laser removal treatments for all parts of the body. Specials typically are offered for one month before they are switched out for specials on other services.


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